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What is Intuitive Healing?

An Intutive Healing session is a space where I can “see” the blocks in your way. I see life as energy. The blocks look solid rather than free flowing energy. The blocks can be anything and can effect your life on any and all levels. 

Often solid or stuck energy is a situation which you have either forgotten or not yet resolved. 

This solid blockage of energy can effect your, finances, health, mental clarity, relationships, jobs, 

and the list is endless. 


Moving the block allows your life force energy to flow freely. Freeing up your physical, spiritual, emotional, creative energy.  It is like pulling a weed with it’s far reaching roots. The benefits can be very far reaching and surprising. 

Your session will be held in a space created to transform whatever you are ready to change. Be prepared to remember that you were born with everything you will need to overcome anything in life. 

Let's Go Through This Human Experience Together

Life can be so hard and challenging. I am here to center you and connect you with your divine inner strength. You CAN do this. When life feels impossible we need sometimes need help. But know this….YOU are more capable of creating a wonderful, divinely inspired life than you have been led to believe. 

Although I am here to help you it is YOU who knows what to do for yourself. I am here to remind you of your truth. 

Going into your center is the way to peace  no matter the circumstances you find yourself in. 

I do not subscribe to the cliches “you signed up for this lesson” “you created this to learn”. They feel a bit like victim shaming and can render people feeling unable to move forward. 

I prefer “Beautiful being of love you have lost your way. It’s ok I am here to help you find it”. 

You have got this even and especially when it feels hopeless. If you are ready for a solution

then let us get to it. In a short time you will feel your feet and know YOUR answers. 

You can do this. 

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