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Heather Swift

Are you ready to access the power of healing within you? I am here to help you discover and align with your true purpose. With compassion and understanding, I will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, allowing you to reclaim your inner wisdom and power. I invite you to come and explore the depths of your being with me. 


My Story

      As an Intuitive Healer, I knew at a young age I wanted to help people find peace. It is one part of what  I believe I came to this life to do.  I could see things in people. It was pain, but often, to me it looked like a knot.  I would use Intuitive Healing to simply move it, and see them find relief. I never second guessed it because it was such a natural thing for me to do. 

Being a Medium allowed me to see souls after they left their bodies. I talked to them just like I talked to anyone else, and I had no idea that I was the only one who saw them. I am blessed with every intuitive sense to connect with them. 

      I also always just "knew" things. People have always been amazed at the things I can tell them. Even as a child, it never occurred to me that I had a very special gift. It is important to me to help others find their way. These gifts I was have are great tools for those who are ready for the help. 

       Love is all powerful, and it is the answer to every question. To me, love is a deep, calm peace within each of us. 

Life is a gift to be lived to the fullest and we all have the opportunity to create and embrace a life filled with love and joy. When we do this we have what it takes to work through the tough times. 

      Most of all I am having a very human experience. We all are. Being present and experiencing it all means facing good, bad and all in between. When we work through what is happening we move forward, free to experience each moment fully. There will be many things we find hard to overcome in this life, but with the right perspective and willingness to be and grow, we can  get through them. 

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